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    A few earlier reader reviews:
  • I want to thank you sincerely for your great new book, Maximum Climbing. I bumped my redpoint climbing from 12a to 13a this year, utilizing numerous methods from MC (and Training for Climbing). And my onsight climbing has greatly improved too; I went to the Gunks last week and onsighted a longstanding dream, the Yellow Wall. Anyway, the books have had a huge influence on my climbing and my outlook on sports, work, life. Thank you! --Tyler
  • An incredible work, Eric. You changed my style of climbing. Thanks from Spain!!! --Ruben
  • Your new book is awesome, and I've directed several people to buy it already. Maximum Climbing the missing link in the mental game of climbing literature. --Marc (Beverly Mountain Guides)
  • I'm currently reading Maximum Climbing, and it's great, Eric! --Scott

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