An accomplished climber of more than thirty years, Eric J. HŲrst (pronounced hurst) has climbed extensively across the United States and has established hundreds of first ascents on his home crags in the eastern US. A student and teacher of climbing performance, Eric has personally helped train hundreds of climbers, and his training books and concepts have spread to climbers in more than fifty countries. He is recognized internationally for his innovative training techniques, and his books have sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide.

Eric is author of Training for Climbing, Conditioning for Climbers, How to Climb 5.12, and Learning to Climb Indoors, all of which have foreign translations. His articles and photos have been published in many outdoor and fitness magazines including Dead Point, Climbing, Rock and Ice, Urban Climber, Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Menís Health, Muscle and Fitness, Experience Life, Menís Journal, as well as several foreign magazines. He has appeared on numerous TV and Web broadcasts and he act as the editor of the Nicros' online Training Center. Visit Ericís Web site,, for training articles and information on all his books, or to schedule a training seminar, an editorial interview, or a speaking engagement. Eric currently lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Lisa Ann, and his sons, Cameron and Jonathan.

Author photo: Eric McCallister

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